Whether your looking to stock your store, or you have a special event, silk screening is an affordable way to get large quantities of t-shirts or other garments imprinted.  Our silk screening services provide you will a high quality finished product, at an affordable price, allowing you savings or a larger profit margin. While we can print on any color garment, we know the proper techniques to create a high quality end product.

Our Process

  1. Taking your order...  We gather the aspects of your order including garment type, garment colors, garment sizes, quantities per size, artwork and imprint location(s).
  2. Perfect artwork? Continue to 3, but if your artwork needs some tweaking, or you just simply have an idea, our graphic artists can create a design you'll love
  3. We confirm your order with you, providing a proof or sample based upon our initial discussion and quantities involved.
  4. We process your order and if we run into any issues, we will contact you before we proceed.
  5. Ready for pickup!

Artwork requirements

Unless you are looking for a t-shirt or other garment to commemorate a memory, and you only have an ok quality photo, you will want a high resolution image.  The higher the resolution, the larger the print.  For a novice customer, this means the more you can zoom in on your artwork before it becomes blurry, the better chance your image will print clearly.

A higher resolution image is usually created by a graphic artist and in most cases will be a vector graphic.  Vector graphics are by far the best choice as you will not lose any details, no matter how large you make it.  Vector images are made from points, rather than groupings of colored pixels, allowing practically any resolution.

What images not to use! Web images, unless stated differently are usually compressed to 72 dpi and have been converted to RGB.  The best color choice for DTG is using CMYK vs RGB.  CMYK images are used when publishing and in most color imprinting processes, while RGB is used on the web for digital viewing on displays like tv's, monitors, phones and tablets.

You want images at least 300 dpi and in CMYK if you do not have a vector image.  Allowable file types...

  • AI
  • EPS
  • JPEG
  • TIFF
  • PDF
  • PNG
  • PSD
  • PCT

If your not sure, or you just want someone else to take care of it for you, just give us a call.  Our graphic artists at the connect will create the design you are looking for.


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