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Welcome to THE CONNECT!


Global Leader

The Connect is a global leader supplying custom branded childproof packaging. With our custom packaging, branding, and printing solutions, why go anywhere else?

Global Packaging Solutions

We have all of the angles covered!!  Get all of your packaging supplies in one place. From your basic childproof packaging supplies, to a full fledged branding solution, the Connect is your one-stop solution.

Our custom branding solutions will get you noticed. Bring it all together with custom packaging, business cards, banners, flyers and more!  We can handle your promotional needs as well including t-shirts, stickers, and basically anything that can be imprinted.

Want some unique inventory?  Along with creating products to match your branding, we can created products to accent your inventory, or just sell a design or idea with your customers in mind.  With our DTG services we can easily create imprinted garments to display or sell in your store.

Whatever you need we have it! Everything you need for your business in one convenient location.

A Wide Selection

Our selection features a wide assortment of childproof packaging to match any need. Our containers come in plastic and glass depending on the usage. Several different sizes are available in each type of container to handle any size order.  Different customers also have different packaging preferences so we like to ensure you find the right selection from our huge inventory to meet your changing needs.

Storage and Presentation

Looking for the right container to present your product while keeping it stored safely and fresh?  Our dispensary supplies include various types of clear containers for the best presentation. Whatever your need, we can find a solution to present your product while storing it freshly and securely.

While resealable poly bags are popular as they provide a tight seal, you may require more durable packaging to protect the product. For that solution we recommend containers such as our child resistant glass concentrate jars.