Custom labeling

Custom packaging can be expensive when changes are made frequently to both text and container size.  There are also minimums to consider.  Custom labeling is a much cheaper solution, as you are only purchasing labels and applying it to blank containers or other packaging.  Labeling can also be a time-consuming process. Let us take care of it for you!!

The Connect is your best bet for pre-labeled containers.  Due to the ever changing demand for product, you may use one size more than another, and as long as you have labels in stock, you can easily purchase another size and have the labels applied to them before we ship them or you pick them up. This will not only save down-time, but money, by not having to overstock the wrong size containers.

All of our labels are printed to comply with state and local requirements.

Custom Packaging

Stand out from the rest!

Looking for more than custom labeling? The Connect can provide you with custom printed jars, smell proof bags, concentrate containers,
blister packs, boxes, and more. Get your brand out there!

Custom branding will not only help your products stand out, it will get you noticed.  Your customers will be able to identify your products and will often make recommendations of common brands.  Our custom packaging is high quality and compliant, ready for branding.  Call us today to find out what your options are or click here to get a quote!

Tired of applying your own labels?  Need a pre-applied packaging solution? Look no further, the connect is here!!